Romney Admits He ‘Didn’t Build That’

Bradblog has the article Romney Admits He ‘Didn’t Build That’. They have some words from the new documentary MITT.

“That’s what I start with: ‘Dad,'” [Mitt] Romney explained. “I always think about dad and about I am standing on his shoulders. I would not be there, there’s no way I would be able to be running for president if dad hadn’t done what dad did. He’s the real deal…”

“You’re the real deal,” said one of Romney’s sons.

Romney didn’t pause. “The guy was born in Mexico. He didn’t have a college degree. He became head of a car company and became a governor. It would have never entered my mind to be in politics, how can you go from his beginning to think, I can be head of a car company, I can run for governor, I can run for president?”

Romney wasn’t finished. “The gap — for me, I started where he ended up. I started off with money and education, Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School. For me it’s moving that far” — Romney held two fingers close together — “For him, it’s like that,” Romney said, holding his arms wide apart.

It appears the Mitt Romney understands that he is not the “real deal”.  He started off his career with “money and education”.  Of course he is not a taker.  It was given to him by his father. (I wonder if you can be a giver without there being a corresponding taker.) That makes it ok.  He just doesn’t want government giving a teeny-tiny fraction to other people of what his father gave him. (I have been warned that I need to put in a huge flag saying that what follows is pointless sarcasm.) Seems fair, moral, and religious to me.  See, you can’t have ethics like this without religion. At least according to some on the right wing. (I left that section in just so you can see what the complaints are about.)

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