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I just came back from a house party in Worcester for Maura Healey.  Jacquelyn Wells already has some pictures posted on Facebook.

I was inclined to vote for Maura Healey because I knew of her experience in the Attorney General’s office, and because I am not so deep into Massachusetts politics that I knew much about her opponent.  Since I had been so focused on the Governor’s race up till now, I decided it was time to find out more about the candidates for the other offices.  So I jumped at the chance to meet a candidate for Attorney General when Jacquelyn invited me.

I must say that I was duly impressed by Maura Healey.  She had a depth of experience and firm convictions on a wide range of issues that the Attorney General could influence – and there aren’t many issues that the Attorney General does not get involved in.  Not only  does she have experience as an individual lawyer, but she has the experience of managing about half the staff in the current Attorney General’s office.  She has a lot of energy and a lot of issues that she wants to tackle.  As an experienced manager, she knows that she doesn’t do this all by herself.  She has resources that she manages to accomplish the goals she has set forth.

I didn’t find it necessary to push myself to get to talk to her personally, and  the questions I had prepared were already adequately answered.  However, she came over to me to introduce herself and ask me about myself.  We had a very good conversation.

One of the points that I made was that frequently politicians forget that a very important part of their job is to bring the voter along with her on issues where some explaining needed to be done to get people to understand the value in whatever goal she was trying to accomplish.  I was impressed by the way she had spoken to us indicating the fact that she seemed to get this concept very well.  In our one-on-one conversation, she mentioned that one way she would work with the legislature, for instance, was to first go to the public, and then have the public exert the influence on the legislature to get something done.  In a way, the public would give the politician cover to make it politically safe to do the right thing. She also pointed out in her fight to overturn the Defense Of Marriage Act, this process of moving public sentiment was one of the keys to success.

It was at that point, that I knew for sure that she really got it.  I made the same type of judgment about Elizabeth Warren, and I am very happy with the way that turned out.  With Maura Healey as Attorney General, a strong, progressive governor,  and a strong, progressive Congressional delegation, Massachusetts has the prospect of helping to turn this country around for the better.

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4 thoughts on “Maura Healey In Worcester

  • SteveG Post author

    I left Massachusetts in 1994 and came back in 2006. Maybe that is why I never heard of Tolman. (Notice how well timed my absence was in relation to the big dig.)

    So what can you tell me about his prosecutorial experience and his management experience that will qualify him to be a great Attorney General? I don’t usually hire people to do a highly technical job because they are nice people and agree with me politically. Sincerity is a nice trait, too. However, being elected to be Attorney General is not a reward for past political correctness.

    Should his record of losing for state wide office instill confidence in me that this time will be the charm?

  • BillM

    You have lived a sheltered life indeed. Because of your youth I will excuse you for not remembering the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. In the 90’s Tolman was a strong proponent of progressive policies including:
    A single payer health care system
    Election finance reform
    Environmental protection
    Protection of the rights of workers and
    A vigorous public school system.

    He was the Democratic nominee for Lt . Governor in 1998. The Harshbarger/ Tolman ticket was unfortunately beaten by the Republicans. He ran for Governor in 2002 but was beaten by Shannon O ‘Brien who in turn was beaten by Mitt Romney.

    I talked to him briefly at the AFL-CIO breakfast during the recent convention in Worcester and found him to be intelligent and sincere.

    Both Tolman and Healey have been invited to Sturbridge to meet the members of the Sturbridge Democratic Town Committee. Hopefully, they will visit us in the near future.

  • SteveG Post author

    Wow! I have lived in Massachusetts for 50 of the last 70 years, and I don’t think I ever heard of Warren Tolman until recently. I must have lived a very sheltered life. He must have quite the winning record in statewide politics to be that well known and liked.

  • BillM

    She is an attractive candidate. She has a ton of energy and seems relatively progressive.

    Warren Tolman will have the support of labor because of his unfailing support on any issue that that has affected workers rights. He has already been endorsed by by most of the major unions including the Massachusetts Teachers Association. Tolman has also been an ardent environmentalist for his entire public life so I assume he will be endorsed by most of the environmental groups.

    It will be an interesting election.