Saudi Arabia: ‘This is Iraq’s problem and they must sort it out themselves’

The UK Telegraph has the article Saudi Arabia: ‘This is Iraq’s problem and they must sort it out themselves’ by Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf Al Saud, Ambassador to the UK of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

There are three things that the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia strives for above all others: peace, stability and security, for the international community, for our region, and for our country and our people, whether they are old or young, men or women, Sunni or Shia. These are the cornerstones of our government and at the foundation of our thinking.

The escalating and alarming situation in Iraq is of serious concern to us. These are our neighbours, our friends, and we watch with distress as this terrible situation escalates next to us.

As our Foreign Minister HRH Prince Saud al Faisal told the Islamic Conference of regional leaders meeting in Jeddah this week: “This grave situation carries with it signs of civil war that has implications for the region we cannot fathom.”
So where do we stand? Despite the false allegations of the Iraqi Ministerial Cabinet, whose exclusionary policies have fomented this current crisis, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia supports the preservation of Iraq’s sovereignty, its unity and territorial integrity.

We oppose all foreign intervention and interference. There must be no meddling in Iraq’s internal affairs, not by us or by the US, the UK or by any other government. This is Iraq’s problem and they must sort it out themselves. Any government that meddles in Iraq’s affairs runs the risk of escalating the situation, creating greater mistrust between the people of Iraq – both Sunni and Shia.

Instead, we urge all the people of Iraq, whatever their religious denominations, to unite to overcome the current threats and challenges facing the country.

Perhaps this may appear to be just a bit self-serving and hard to believe.  Perhaps it is a case of one hand in Saudi Arabia not knowing what the other hand is doing.  Perhaps it is actually true.

Surely, the Saudi government has told this directly to the Obama administration.  I wonder if any of this will give the Obama administration even a moment of pause before they head down the destructive path that they seem hell bent on following.  What do McCain and Graham know about this?  Will they listen?

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