Tell MoveOn to Draft Bernie Sanders to Run 3

MoveOn is also participating in the movement to draft Elizabeth Warren to run for President in 2016. On their Facebook post about the draft movement, I posted the following comment:

After participating in the DFA sponsored conference call with Bernie Sanders, I think we should shift our focus from drafting Elizabeth Warren to one of drafting Bernie Sanders. All that it would take to get him to run is knowing that he has enough support and can organize a grass-roots movement. MoveOn could show him that he has what he needs to make a run. It is not clear what it would take to get Elizabeth Warren to run. We should focus our efforts where it has the most chance to do some good.

I wonder how Elizabeth Warren would react to such a shift?  Would she breathe a sigh of relief, or would she rue the day she overplayed the coy bit?


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3 thoughts on “Tell MoveOn to Draft Bernie Sanders to Run

  • SteveG Post author

    I just looked again at my previous post Bernie Sanders Responds to the State of the Union to see what you meant about Sanders saying he was running.

    When it got to the final question that drew my remark about their asking about Republicans running for President but not asking about Democrats, I was just about to conclude that you heard something that I did not hear.

    Then I got to the really final comments, where Mika mentioned other candidates including him. Bernie Sanders said “Yes, including me.” I think there is enough wiggle room in that answer to not be able to pin an official declaration of his candidacy on Sanders. When I first heard that comment (and then forgot about it), I just took it to mean that the public will decide what they think of certain politicians including him.

  • SteveG Post author

    On the conference call he said that he is seriously looking into whether or not he can run a successful campaign. He needs to see if he can raise the funds and if he can establish a grass-roots cadre of volunteers. If he finds that he can do this, then he will run.

    He also discussed the pluses and minuses of running as a Democrat or as an Independent. That was nothing that I haven’t heard from him before.

    Unlike Elizabeth Warren, he has clearly stated that he wants to run if he thinks he can run a good, professional campaign. I think the people who are running the campaigns to draft Warren could provide much of the resources that Sanders feels he needs if they would switch their efforts to Sanders. That is why I find the idea so intriguing.

    Also the completeness of his responses on disparate topics convinced me that he has the breadth of experience to be President. Perhaps he even has broader background than Elizabeth Warren has. I know that being mayor of Burlington, Vermont is not like being President, but it is an example of executive experience.