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Terrible Trade Partnership (TPP)

Friend of Bernie have posted a link on their Facebook wall.  You don’t have to “do Facebook” to see it.

Here is the video. I don’t know the date when this was first aired.

Despite what the President says about TPP, all the leaked evidence tends to show that he is lying. So, saying, “but the President says” just doesn’t carry much weight with me anymore. If he says words that are true, but mislead you into believing something that is false, then I call that lying no matter what a jury in a perjury trial might conclude.

Maybe instead of saying “he lied”, I should say “he spoke with the intention of misleading”. I hope that gives him less weasel room when the truth comes out.

The populists capture the Democratic Party

The Washington Post has the article The populists capture the Democratic Party.

A quartet of senators and a dozen members of the House took the stage in a park across from the Capitol midday Wednesday to join hundreds of steelworkers, union faithful and environmentalists in denouncing President Obama’s bid for fast-track approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.
But Obama hasn’t really split the Democrats. They are almost unanimously opposed to him on trade. The upcoming battle over fast-tracking and the Trans-Pacific Partnership shows how dramatically the center of gravity in the Democratic Party has shifted.

To those in the Democratic Party who complain against my outspoken posts against Democratic policies and politicians who I think are wrong, I would like them to consider what activists in the party are accomplishing.  When the complainers ask what I expect to accomplish, I can now point to this.

No we aren’t going to turn the party around in an instant.  If we  can shift “dramatically the center of gravity in the Democratic Party” already, we have accomplished a lot.  We need to keep putting on the pressure.  If you want to follow the party leaders like sheep to maintain “unity”, then you can do so.  I’d prefer to get out in front rather than follow behind.

500 Attend High-Profile MIT Divestment Debate

Fossil Free MIT has the article 04.09.15 – 500 Attend High-Profile MIT Divestment Debate.

In response to 3,000 nerds-turned-activists, MIT’s administration hosts an unprecedented public debate on whether MIT should divest from fossil fuels, just days before Harvard students and celebrities begin a week of civil disobedience to confront their administration’s stonewalling.

The article featured the video clip below.

If you follow the URL displayed at the end of the video, bit.ly/MITdebate, you end up at the webcast of Should MIT Divest? A Debate on Fossil Fuel Investment. From the links I have just given you, you will find a wide array of other links to follow.

Rather than my just complaining about the Koch takeover of MIT, I now realize that there may be active steps I can take to see if I can undo the damage.

Thanks to Mary Afable for cluing me in.