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Bernie Sanders – Talk To Al Jazeera 7

Al Jazeera on YouTube has the video Bernie Sanders – Talk To Al Jazeera.

Published on Jan 15, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders spoke with Joie Chen about his thoughts on income inequality, the health care debate, and the political gridlock on Capitol Hill.

This is a great interview. I think it may have been recorded when Bernie Sanders was still the Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

On an absolute scale the interviewer would be rated as passable, but compared to today’s corporate media interviewers, she is far superior. She is still laboring under the common misunderstanding of how money works and how the US government funds its work, and they never get to the promised explanation from Bernie Sanders, but what they do cover is terrific.

What the Liberal Attacks on Bernie Sanders Are Really About

The Fiscal Times has the article What the Liberal Attacks on Bernie Sanders Are Really About.

“Those wondering why Warren hasn’t endorsed Hillary Clinton yet should consider whether it’s because Clinton and her minions are delivering a mortal wound to the cause of Warren’s life.”

When I have to have this argument in a meeting of the Sturbridge Democratic Town Committee, you have to know that even the wealthy Democrats hate to see the system get unrigged. When they supported Elizabeth Warren for Senator, maybe they thought her ideas would stay in Massachusetts where they could safely do no harm to the wealthy.

I am not wealthy, but whatever little harm Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders’ ideas could do to me, they will be less painful than the pitchforks from the poor who mistake me for their enemy.