Bernie Sanders – Talk To Al Jazeera 7

Al Jazeera on YouTube has the video Bernie Sanders – Talk To Al Jazeera.

Published on Jan 15, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders spoke with Joie Chen about his thoughts on income inequality, the health care debate, and the political gridlock on Capitol Hill.

This is a great interview. I think it may have been recorded when Bernie Sanders was still the Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

On an absolute scale the interviewer would be rated as passable, but compared to today’s corporate media interviewers, she is far superior. She is still laboring under the common misunderstanding of how money works and how the US government funds its work, and they never get to the promised explanation from Bernie Sanders, but what they do cover is terrific.

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7 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders – Talk To Al Jazeera

  • Marden Seavey

    Right! Facebook is for the moment and then is gone! To be replaced by yet more moments, etc.

  • SteveG Post author

    I couldn’t find the previous conversation about this. It may have been on Facebook which is pretty much unsearchable way back in history. That’s one of the reasons I prefer my blog to Facebook.

  • Marden Seavey

    Thanks, Steve. The link he provided was to so you’d expect some lies, e.g. consumer prices 15% higher in Denmark, not 51% higher!

  • SteveG Post author

    Mardy, I think I have the data to knock down the right wing’s knock down data. I have a terrific sense of deja vu about this conversation. I’ll see if there is any chance that I can find the previous iteration of this conversation. Actually, I think it might have been Sweden the last time.

  • Marden Seavey

    Steve, could you take a look at my Facebook post on “In Denmark, McDonald Workers Earn 21$ an Hour….”?
    My libertarian friend, Micael Berube, is offering some right wing data to knock it down. You might find this interesting. Thanks.

  • SteveG Post author

    Mardy, The explanation of Modern Monetary Theory is admittedly a hard one for most of the public to swallow. That’s why I don’t fault Bernie for not broaching the subject. I toss it in whenever I can in an effort to soften up the public to the idea that they may possibly want to hear a better explanation for how it all works. Better he discuss this when their is a demand for it.

    It’s probably like the advice you get for discussing sex with your young children. Answer their questions with just the information they are asking for. No need to go into answers to questions they have not even thought about yet.

  • Marden Seavey

    Yes, it was a very good interview. Guess it was done around the time of the government shutdown. The comments under the talk were all very supportive energetically. But it’s true the “how are you going to pay for it” part wasn’t discussed much that I could tell. So, I can see your frustration, Steve, that modern monetary theory, the thing you keep emphasizing, wasn’t gone into at all. But the point about savings in medical expenses canceling increased taxes giving a net gain was brought up by Bernie.