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Busting pro-war propaganda: What China is really like

The Gray Zone has the article and video Busting pro-war propaganda: What China is really like.

Red Lines host Anya Parampil speaks with Danny Haiphong, a contributing editor at the Black Agenda Report, about his recent two week trip to China. Danny discusses what he learned about China’s economic model, it’s efforts to reduce poverty nationwide, and his experience in Xinjiang, the province where western media, politicians, and human rights groups claim Beijing is housing millions of Muslims in concentration camps. Did Danny see any evidence of this policy, and what do average Chinese people think about the claims?

Could it be that the USA oligarchs’ news mafia could have been lying to us about China for all these years? Can you consider the possibility that China is not anything like the image most of us in the USA have of China? I would be interested to hear what tourists from USA have experienced in China in recent years.

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